Special reels

If you can't find a reel in our standard range, we are perfectly able to build a reel that meets more specific demands.




Reels without sliprings, also called storagereels,are available with manual crank or with motor. The hose must be unrolled before you can make the connection. This type of reel is often used in work situations where mobility is important : constructions site, shipyards, mobile workshops...

Hose or cable reels custom made

Are you looking for another kind of  reel? We are sure we can help you.         

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Step 1 :

In strict cooperation with the customer we define your needs and wishes and translate them into technical details


Step 2 :

·         We provide a three-dimensional drawing of the apparatus, corresponding in detail to your instructions

·         We thoroughly check if (the cost of) this apparatus respects the financial limits set by the customer


Step 3 :

·         Our own engineering department creates a final set of sketches of the apparatus

·         Before we purchase the necessary parts we check again thoroughly if the final cost doesn’t surpass the financial limits defined by the customer

·         The components are bought or made in our own factory


Step 4 :

·         The reel is assembled in our factory

·         The reel is tested


Step 5 :

·         All required documents (CE and/or EX if necessary) and guidebooks are added

·         Electronic components, if involved, are tested




Hose reel application form




 Cable reel application form